Basic Gyaru

The following is just a list of things that I think make gyaru stand out from other subcultures as well as things I look for in myself and when asked to critique other gyaru.

See my "Gyaru doesnt have rules…" post to know why I bothered to make this list.

  • A contoured Face- I believe this to be essential in achieving the gyaru look. Most if not all of the gals you see contour their entire face to have sharper more “european” features.
  • Well maintained eyebrows- I realize some gals really like their natural eyebrow shape…and thats cool but that doesn’t mean you cant thin them out and fill them in. Once again most if not all gyaru have their eyebrows filled in with some kind of brow powder to match their hair color. Though I suggest if you have black or dark brown hair that you use a dark brown/brown pencil or eyebrow powder.
  • False eyelashes- Gyaru is about having bold eyes that pop. So wearing top and or bottom lashes will help achieve a bold eye look. 
  • Eyeliner- once again…the whole “bold eyes” idea comes into play. While you dont have to go crazy manba style with your eyeliner it would be ideal to apply it in such a way that allow your eyes to pop. A signature gyaru eyeliner look would be the “droopy” eye look. Personally I think it fits every gal and can be modified enough to fit everyones personal taste.
  • Bronzer and Blush- Ive seen these two items over and over again in magazines and they are both used in every gyaru substyle. Though heavy use of blush is a gyaru signature. I mean…they’re make-up staples.
  • Styled Hair- From box braids to pin straight and down to your bum, gyaru hair is well styled and well maintained(ideally…we’ve all seen some messed up weave/hair even on our favorite gyaru)
  • Circle lenses- I know I know “You dont need circle lenses”. Well…you dont BUT they really help us as western gyaru, stick out from all the other fashionable girls around us. Even putting on a pair of normal colored contact lenses will help set off any gyaru look.

Once again this is just a list of basic things I think help set off gyaru from other fashions/lifestyles. We’re not even gonna jump into the different things you need for different substyles…

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