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The only reason you're supporting kiko is because of the fact that you appropriate their culture and you want to be asian so bad. And by the way, those people are notorious for doing blackface just as much as whites.

Wtf are kiko? Who are you? Like Imma really need you to get your life before you come at me booboo.


Why bring up shit from months ago? Like legit that was in March. Its Fall now. I suppose Ill repost my response just one more time. But srsly. Get your life. Come off anon :3 maybe i could help you.

"I literally said that im not arguing that this or any form of black face isnt wrong. I actually said that I am sure there are people in this subculture that arent right. Who do appropriate. Ive seen it. What Im saying is. Attack whats problematic. Dont attack a whole group not everyone in that group is a biggot. They are just there for their love of music and dance.

Take the time to speak to and educate. Not to say everyone belonging to this group is problematic. There is a whole…*thing* between Japanese people and black people in Japan. Even at clubs dedicated to reggae and hip hop you hardly see black people there.

The problem here is actually a lot deeper than style. As paul mooney says “everybody wants to be a nigga but nobody wants to be a nigga””“

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